In aerial latitudes

and the silent margins

of heat and cold,

day and clairvoyant dusk,

the mirage shimmers

above our wilderness,

evoking plangent echoes

of something lost and longed for.


Risk the serpentine defiles,

the jackal's jaws and searing sand,

risk the rugged rocks for miles

to gain a purchase on the land

rendered in such high relief

There we shall slake our dusty frame!

The image pales and comes to grief

All and nothing is the same.


So where to turn and how contrive

the lineaments of real estate

To dream, to sow, to dig, to strive,

to build, to spend, to save, to wait,

though noble empires wax and wane,

high thought and politics our pitch,

an out-of-line design's our bane

Exchequers fail to make us rich.


A temptress is illusion's muse

her laurels bringing frail content

ironic humour bucks the ruse

the stage, the screen, the game, were sent

to occupy the vision's see

If only this, if only that

had shaped our path, we should be free

by now to revel in delight.


The mind's eye is the heart's big screen

beguiling fictions into facts

daydreams breathe lustre on the scene

our footprints follow in its tracks

Away the promised land foursquare

whose substance sinks in shadow's maw!

But, mind! The mirage memory

reflects a true celestial shore!






Art  - David Roberts

Poem - Mysteries of Light (coming soon!)