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Jack (El Springador)

The Nose That Interposes

The nose that interposes
Between your plate and you
Is a nose that never dozes
Till suppertime is through,
A nose that's always curious
When scenting tasty treats,
A nose that's quite censorious
If they're eaten out of reach.

The nose that sniffs the roses
By the summerhouse at dawn
Is a nose whose paws will process
The soil before it's done,
A bit of exhumation
Aerates a flowerbed
And hoarded bones are waiting
To be rescued from the dead.

The nose that teases hoses
Sprinkling water on the lawn
Is a nose whose tail proposes
That this element is fun,
It's fine in ponds and rivers
And fills a drinking bowl
But sudsy baths cause shivers
And merely make one howl.

The nose that tracks the postie
In luminescent gear
Is a nose whose bark's not ghostly
But suggests a force of ire,
It's game for space invaders,
Will recycle all the mail,
By habit, eco-friendly,
The bin's its Holy Grail.

The nose that interposes
When the door is left ajar
Is a nose whose roving chooses
To corner cats beneath the car,
But then the dust will settle
And evening stills the paws,
The nose that's on its mettle
Sinks gently into snores.

Taken from the 'Whimsies' section of The Twain, Poems of Earth and Ether



Rosy Cole was born and educated in the Shires of England. She has been a professional writer for thirty years and has worked as a Press Officer and Publisher's Reader. She is a member of the Society of Authors, the Historical Novel Society, the Poetry Society and

Among widespread interests, she lists history, opera, musicals, the arts, vegetarian cookery, drawing and painting, gemmology and homoeopathy. Theology also is an abiding interest. As a singer, she has performed alongside many renowned musicians in theatres, churches and concert venues throughout England and Italy and, in 1992, was selected to join the BBC Rome Pilgrimage Choir in a series of broadcasts for Pentecost Week which included an occasion inside the Vatican when she was privileged to meet Pope John Paul II. In addition, she has run a music agency specialising in themed 'words-and-music' programmes, bringing her two greatest passions together.

Material for the Berkeley Series has been gathered over a long period and has spookily coincided with Rosy's researches into her own family tree which have revealed several generations of ancestors a stone's throw from Berkeley Castle! No connection has yet been established with the characters in Mary Cole's story, but those forebears would almost certainly have known her.

Rosy's first book of poetry, The Twain, Poems of Earth and Ether, was published in April 2012, National Poetry Month, and another collection is in preparation. The Second Book in the Berkeley Series is due for publication in spring, 2014. She has also written under the pseudonym, Marion Grace.

Rosy lives in West Sussex with her son, Chris, and her black Springador, Jack, who keeps a firm paw on the work-and-walkies schedule! More Biography