Mistaken Vintage!


Fire And Wine

A poem for the Feast of Pentecost

And then it happened...

We hung around for safety

above ground level

the clamouring souls outside

a packed embolus

fain clutching our feet

as if they craved live contact

with celebrity

and sought a fragment of him

we could not furnish

that desert instant

the Word became illumined

sparks ran among the

stubble of our deadlocked heart

bursting occlusion

We recalled the phrase

God is a consuming fire

We had thought it meant

wrath; titanic sacrifice

on our part, not his

Holocausts were done!

The quality of mercy

much spoken of was

now eternally unstrained

its current flowing

This was the God of

Shadrach and his noble breed

passing through furnace

defying wild destruction

unseared and annealed

It was the God of

Moses and the burning bush

bridling lakes of fire

of brimstone and Gehenna

passionate in peace

Divine transfusion

filling us with sentience!

We rose up as one

the livid fear doused and gone

We had to tell it!

So high on rapture

we gave the false impression

the wine of Bacchus

irrigated our parched veins

Mistaken vintage!



Rosy Cole was born and educated in the Shires of England. She has been an author for thirty years and has worked as a Press Officer and Publisher's Reader. She is a member of the Society of Authors, the Alliance of Independent Authors, the Poetry Society and Green Room, Where Writers Gather.

Among widespread interests, she lists history, opera, musicals, singing, the arts, drawing and painting, gemmology and homoeopathy. Theology also is an abiding interest. As a singer, she's performed alongside many renowned musicians in theatres, churches and concert venues and has run a music agency specialising in themed 'words-and-music' programmes, bringing her two greatest passions together.

Rosy's first book of poetry, THE TWAIN, Poems of Earth and Ether, was published in April 2012, National Poetry Month, and two other collections are in preparation. As well as the First and Second Books in the Berkeley Series, she has written several other historical titles and one of literary fiction under the pseudonym, Marion Grace. She is currently working on the Third Book in the Berkeley Series. All her books are now published under the New Eve imprint.

Rosy lives in West Sussex with her son, Chris, and her Springador, Jack, who keeps a firm paw on the work-and-walkies schedule!